Engineered Combustion Systems

HEAT Combustion Solutions LLC specializes in applying combustion and controls equipment in accordance with accomplishing a customer’s goal: increased production, fuel savings, improved product quality, etc. We have supplied engineering and equipment for many industries that use heat processing as an integral part of their manufacturing process. These include:

    • Foundries
    • Die casting
    • Heat treating
    • Steel
    • Aluminum
    • Glass
    • Ceramics (including structural clay)
    • Food processors
    • Mineral processing
    • Aggregate drying
    • And more

In today’s competitive environment, energy savings are of the utmost concern for manufacturers. HEAT Combustion Solutions LLC  has equipment that is specifically designed for fuel savings through the manufactures that we represent. This ranges from equipment for pre-heated combustion air to specific control schemes.

Engineered Combustion Systems

HEAT Combustion Solutions LLC also specializes in providing complete combustion systems for various industries such as the following:


Burners and controls for paint drying and powder coating and black oxide
Atmospheric pipe style burners
Bekeart metal fiber infrared burners
Siemens safety shut-off valves
Siemens control actuators
Barber Colman control actuators
Custom built auto ignition, flame safety and control panels


Burners and controls for rotary and fluidized beds
Hauck Star Jet and Eco Star multi fuel burners for aggregate drying
Hauck Beta Burners for air heaters/fluidized bed systems and thermal oxidizers
PLC control panels including electronic valve characterization


Hauck SVG Burner
Burners and controls for forging, heat treating and related processes for steel.
Hauck SVG series Burner
Hauck Triox low Nox, high efficiency gas fired burners
Hauck Ecomax high efficiency direct and indirect fired burners
Hauck Wall Hugger Burners
Hauck Ecoreg rotary regenerator technology for fuel savings
Siemens control valves and actuators
Pulse firing control systems
Burners and controls for melting, holding, homogenizing and heat treating of Aluminum
Hauck Triox Burner
Hauck HM series burners
Hauck Beta Burners
Hauck SVG series burners
Hauck JAG Burners
Pulse firing control systems
Hauck Ecoreg rotary regenerator technology for fuel savings
Siemens control valves and actuators
Fuel Racks and Manifolds

HEAT Combustion Solutions LLC engineers and fabricates complete fuel manifolds for your system as well as building to your specifications. All fuel manifolds and racks are wired and painted. They are also designed to conform to the latest version of NFPA 86 guidelines.