HEAT Combustion Solutions LLC has extensive experience in supplying systems and components for the heat processing requirements of the ferrous and nonferrous metals industry. Steel and aluminum producers require rugged and dependable equipment that withstands the rigors of running a plant 24/7, 365 days a year.

In today’s highly competitive manufacturing environment, HEAT Combustion Solutions LLC can, and does, partner with manufacturers to provide the most cost effective combustion equipment solutions to keep the furnaces operating efficiently and productively while ensuring the system and equipment are compliant to the recommendations of NFPA.

Our Capabilities and Services for the Ferrous and Nonferrous Industries

  • Combustion Equipment for processing, slab reheating and heat treating
  • Custom built fuel trains and rack systems for safety and control
  • Custom engineered and built flame safety/auto ignition and control panels for single and multiple burner systems
  • Pre-heated air burners
  • Self recuperative burners
  • Flat flame burners
  • Pulse firing control for temperature uniformity and fuel savings
Heat processing

Combustion Equipment for Aluminum Processing

  • Burners for melting and holding
  • Custom built fuel trains for safety and control
  • Preheated air burners
  • Custom engineered and built flame safety/auto ignition and control panels
  • High and medium velocity burner systems for heat treating and homogenizing

Whatever the requirement, HEAT Combustion Solutions LLC has the equipment and expertise to meet those expectations.