What Customers Say About HEAT Combustion Solutions, LLC

Customers - Mahle Engines


I have been working in foundries for over 35 years. I have used many, many different combustion companies over my 35 years.

We have been using HEAT Combustion Solutions LLC now for over 2  years on many different combustion type of projects.

HEAT’s technical expertise is “off the scale” and their equipment, installation, and debugging of their equipment is as good as it gets.

We only use HEAT for all of our combustion needs. We wish we would have found them 25 years ago.

Jim Krotkiewicz - March 5, 2015

Engineer, MAHLE Engine Components USA, Inc.

Customers - Rogers GroupI am not a writer nor am I a English major but if seeing is believing, I am a fan of HEAT Combustion Solutions LLC and the contribution they contribute to the asphalt plant industry.

Troy Morrison gave me a phone number several years ago and said if you have any burner issues you might give HEAT a call, they could be useful in your area. I gave Jeff Ryan a call, I can’t remember which plant we started on but it didn’t take long to see that Darryl Brown is the man, more than a electrician, more than a maintenance man, a trained experienced for real burner expert. We had one plant that had a blower fan in the wrong rotation for several years and no one had caught it but HEAT’s experts did.

We try to set up a week every year to get them down to spend time at locations that are having problems, parts and service is great, have even had training where we get the operators together on plant site with HEAT and do a two day hands on training.

We at Rogers Group in Southern Tennessee believe in HEAT Combustion Solutions LLC!

Richard Warren - December 19, 2015

Production Plant Manager, Rogers Group